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Computing - the no hassle, perfect management tool?

It can be easily forgotten that the electronic revolution has taken place in such a short time. Not only has computing massively accelerated and improved commercial performance, but constant advances present an even more exciting future.

But there is a down side.

As processes and systems become more sophisticated, the management of them presents new challenges. Challenges like where to source the skills to make sure that computing systems function optimally, cost effectively, and perhaps most importantly, reliably.

Additionally there are difficulties in trying to keep abreast of hardware and software developments and their relevance to your particular requirements.
And, what to do when, always at the least convenient time, the unexpected happens.

Of course there are plenty of specialist companies out there providing help. The problem is that they tend to concentrate on larger clients who can, and must, afford substantial costs for their back up. Medium and smaller Companies are often neglected.

Salisbury Computing focuses on the medium and smaller companies and their varying needs. Not only do we understand these needs comprehensively, we also understand the need to supply help ‘packages’ that reflect the financial status of companies. You don't need to be a mega rich global success story to access the backup and advice of Salisbury Computing .

Salisbury Computing understand the needs and budget restrictions on charities, we can work with you to see if we can help.

Just contact us and find out just what we could do for you.

Our services cover
• Hardware and software specification and advice
• System and software installation
• System health checks. Virus protection, Data security checks
• Configuring Networking systems
• Trouble shooting, and rectification
• We specialise in medium to small business clients
• Experience with small - medium Charities
• Realistic charges

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